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TRUE STORY.  I almost threw in the towel because a customer said my coleslaw wasn't good, as in the cabbage was less than fresh. He was a successful restauranteur and he was giving me kind advice and I received his constructive feedback with some amount of objection.  The truth is I almost quit.  Honest truth.  I almost closed up shop.   I doubted myself and and questioned what a farmer and untrained chef was doing running a restaurant.   It was a serious low point.  I drank a few beers that night and woke up the next day.  I realized I was not being true to myself or to my customers.   I had not upheld the level of integrity that I require from myself.  I had cut a corner.  Without realizing it I had committed the gravest of sins.  I had cut corners.  Instead of chopping my own vegetables I had purchased a pre-chopped bag of cabbage, carrots, and purple cabbage that had soured. I admit I cut a corner because it seemed to be the efficient choice but food and efficient should rarely be included in the same sentence.  The next week my wife, and occasional encourager, redefined the recipe and every batch of our Coleslaw is made fresh daily.  I will forever be grateful to the Gentleman who gave me such kind advice even though I probably didnt recieve it so gracefully at the time.  Enjoy the wakeup call that has guided this humble establishment in our purpose and our course.  It is well with my Soul.
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